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Wanting to learn more about coaching  is an excellent first step to achieving the life you aspire to have. It creates the opportunity to reflect on your life, clarify your goals and put them into action.

At the heart of life (or personal) coaching is a process of discovery, development and positive change. It is for anyone who is prepared to examine their lives and Aim To Be the best they can be. Personal coaching allows people to move toward their desired vision of the future rather than focus on any constraints of their current situation.

There is often a mixed public perception of coaching. Many associate Life Coaches with some sort of know it all gurus with the answers to all of life’s problems. Perhaps a more useful term to use would be a Personal Development Coach. Coaching is not about the coach and certainly not about telling you what to do, you are after all the expert on your own life.

Coaching is all about helping you achieve your goals, aspirations and dreams both personally and professionally. Areas of coaching may include Personal Issues, Love and Relationships, Work and Career, and Money and Finances.

A coach can help you clear obstacles that might get in the way of your success. My skills as a coach are to ask you the right questions and have the appropriate tools and techniques to empower you to find the answers. There is nothing mystical about the coaching strategies, theories and tools that I will share with you, however, the results can be life changing.

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Common areas of Life Coaching

Coaching can support and facilitate any areas where people have personal or working relationships. Change and motivation are at the core of success. Below you can find some common areas in establishing goals. As you go through them have a think about how many of these you would like to achieve…

Personal Issues

Taking better care of yourself, stop procrastinating, becoming more organised, improving time management, building confidence and self-esteem, reducing stress, increasing fitness, adopting a healthier lifestyle, boosting energy levels, starting a special project, enjoying life more, breaking bad habits, developing a life plan, gaining motivation and focus, exploring beliefs, living your dreams, defining your values.

Love and Relationships

Improving current relationships, defining your ideal partner, becoming a better parent, develop closer relationships with your family, socialising more easily, dating, meeting a new partner, identifying your own needs.

Work and Career

Starting  your own business, work life balance, discovering your ideal job, obtaining a promotion, career change, identify values, gaining professional recognition, learning new skills, becoming a better communicator, having difficult conversations, developing leadership skills, improving presentation skills.

Money and Finances

Reducing debt, controlling spending, start saving, establishing and following a budget, buying a house, managing investments, increasing earnings.

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