Seven Deadly Sins at Work

When you start a new job you sign a contract and are expected to follow a certain code of conduct. Most of us will comply to these rules and they include such things as being on work on time, calling in if you are sick, etc. Then there are some unspoken golden rules, the things that you should never do in the workplace.

How many times have you “forgotten” to reply to an email? Or failed to return a voicemail that you “never received”? White lies and the occasional fib can be harmless. However, there is a point when the lines may start to get blurred. So what can be considered a serious faux pas, or a sin in the workplace?

Here are the Seven Deadly Sins at work.

Lust There is some statistic that says that 1 in 4 people meet their partners in the workplace. So what happens to the other 3? Chances are there might be some handsome guy or gorgeous girl who catches your eye. It can either blossom into something beautiful or blow up in your face. Is it worth the risk? If you work in a large company or different departments it may make things easy. However, if you share a cubicle, you may want to avoid it.

Gluttony Office parties and nights out give you a chance to socialise with your colleagues. This can be great fun and a pleasant change to the day to day routine. Just remember you are not in a pub or club with your friends and getting drunk is not cool. You may end up doing or saying something you later regret.

Greed There are so many office supplies that it will not make a difference. If this is what you say to yourself, you are wrong. Those “post-its” are not yours for the taking. Company property is there to be used in a work context, not to fill your Christmas stocking. Also, you know that taxi ride you took after a night out with your best friend? Well, expensing it is not acceptable. Claiming for expenses you did not incur or taking office supplies is stealing. Euphemise it all you like but it is still theft.

Sloth Be prompt in everything you do. You are expected to arrive at work and meetings on time. Not 10 minutes later. Surfing the web for hours on end looking for your next holiday is also abusing company time. Also, take pride in your appearance. You will be taken more seriously and it will have a positive impact on improving your attitude. Showing up at work in what could be mistaken for your pyjamas means you may be seen as dozy and incapable of producing any quality work.

Wrath Offensive language and aggressive behaviour is never acceptable. Maybe your co-workers have had to get used to your vulgar language, but that person from another department who just walked past is not and might take offence and report you. This could lead to unnecessary complications. Ranting via email is not a good idea either. Having any issues that could be related to anger management associated with you is bad news and very unprofessional.

Envy Do not discuss pay with your colleagues. Nothing good will good of it. Period.

Pride Take pride in getting a job well done and take responsibility for your actions. If you make mistakes don’t be too proud to acknowledge them or worst still try to point the finger at someone else. That is just immature and dishonest. Nobody likes to make mistakes and it can be embarrassing admitting to them but it would be even worse having to explain why you lied about it in the first place.

These may seem like common sense, but as they say, common sense isn’t so common…

Have you or anyone you know committed any of the Seven Deadly Sins? Stories that start with “It wasn’t me, but I know someone who…” are most welcome!

Images provided by Flickr users Ipythias and Rev Guzman.

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