How not to Live for the Weekend

Do you spend your days wishing your week away and waiting for the weekend? You probably spend at least 40 hours a week at work. If most of this time is spent in a gloomy and solemn mood, except for that one hour before you go home on a Friday, it is time to do something about it.

There are a number of factors that can contribute to a downbeat environment at work. I have written about how to handle Bad Bosses and Difficult Colleagues and this time I am going to write all about you and how to keep yourself motivated at work.

When you think about your job, do any of the following scenarios ring true?

  • Meetings go on for too long and are mainly spent discussing what is wrong rather than coming up with ideas and solutions of how to solve problems.
  • People around you are always complaining about something or other.
  • Management teams are mostly concerned with how they are being evaluated rather than developing your skills and thinking about the company’s future success.
  • You leave your workplace at the end of the day feeling drained and exhausted from the negative energy around you.
  • A positive attitude in the workplace can make a huge difference, as Sir Winston Churchill said “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” Here are some Ideas on how you can keep yourself motivated at work.

    I is for…

    I deas
    Pitch ideas. Regardless of how junior or senior you are you can contribute to the success of your company. If you are afraid it’s not a good idea, take some time to prepare your thoughts and gather information before you propose it. Besides, what’s the worst that can happen? It gets rejected and you ask why and you learn for next time.

    I mpact
    Try to get involved in interesting and challenging projects. If they get assigned to you make sure you are thorough in completing them and cross check with your manager to certify you are on the right track. This will show you are a keen co-worker and not just clicking in and out.

    I nitiative
    Take the initiative to show appreciation to those around you. Let people know when they have done a good job and say thank you. This will reflect back on how they treat you and make it a more pleasant environment overall. Your new found positive attitude may end up rubbing off on your colleagues.

    I magination
    Use your imagination to get involved in other activities outside of work. Having a work life balance will help put things into perspective and having a bad day will not be the be all and end all. This will also have an effect on your self esteem and general sense of well being. The idea is not to have all your eggs in one basket (no Easter pun intended!).

    I nventiveness
    If your daily tasks are becoming unchallenging and mind numbing, maybe it is time to look for something else. Keep your mind busy by writing CVs, thinking about where you would like to work and what your ideal job entails. When you are at work I would suggest you stick to doing this in your mind only.

    I gnition
    The routine of your daily job may be getting you down so start planning your next mini break or holiday in order to have something to look forward to. Taking time off to recharge your batteries can be refreshing. It can also give you a much needed new perspective.

    In summary, being happier and more positive at work will have an effect on your life in and out of the job. Remember to have fun at work. Yes, it is possible!

    How do you keep yourself motivated at work? Please share your ideas and tips.

    Photo provided by Flickr user Legozilla.

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