What’s Great about You?

How would you describe yourself? If I were to ask you to list your top 10 best qualities what would you say? “I don’t know” tends to be a common response. We all seem to find it easier to list our faults than our qualities. It is almost as if we haven’t dared asking ourselves “What’s great about me?”

You may be waiting in anticipation for me to answer that question. Well maybe not, regardless, that would be impossible as we are all unique and extraordinary in our own way. All I can say is be your best self. Be all you Aim to Be. Want to get to the core of yourself? Stop listening to everyone else. Start listening to yourself.

Why is this important? There are endless ways to answer this one. I feel there are 2 main reasons:

Me, myself and I 24/7 Nobody will spend as much time with you as you do with yourself! Spending time with other people is all about getting to know them and your relationship with yourself is exactly the same. Essentially, it is about self awareness. What is important to you? What do you like and dislike? What makes you happy?

Self awareness leads to confidence The more you know about yourself the more apt you become at dealing with situations. You learn what works and doesn’t work for you. You become more intuitive which helps understand others better. All this is empowering.

So now ask yourself “What’s good about me”? Write down as many adjectives as you can think of in 2 minutes. How many did you come up with?

Knowing how to describe yourself is useful not just in the process of self discovery as well as for job applications, interviews, dating etc (there will obviously be a different focus for each of these situations!) The best thing is that it is also a really useful tool to combat any negative voices that that may go on in your head.

What if you could change one thing about yourself, not about your life, about you, what would it be? What if you could change your level of confidence? Would it affect everything else? Complete the following sentence: If I had complete confidence in myself I would……..

Your mission should you chose to accept it

This is not a mission impossible. It is a challenge. For the next week starting now, tell yourself how great you really are, that you can do whatever you set out to do. Whatever happens, you know you have the complete confidence that you can handle it.

Ready? Steady? Go!

Please share your progress as it will serve as inspiration to me and others!

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5 Responses to “What’s Great about You?”

  1. Tiago Beirolas says:

    Olá Ana:

    Mais uma vez um artigo espetacular e de um conteúdo de muito valor. Aquilo que me faz lembrar será a velha máxima do Presidente dos EUA "Yes We can", mas na realidade temos é de aceitar a missão. Missão essa que passa por saber quem somos e para onde caminhamos. Muito obrigado por esta reflexão, nela vejo um desafio "o de conhecer quem sou realmente".
    Por outro lado já falei com os meus professores de mestrado, recomendando este site para consulta, bem como com os meus colegas de faculdade.
    Um grande beijo e parabéns por mais um artigo marcante….
    Tiago Beirolas

    • Olá Tiago.
      Muito obrigada por mais um comentário tão simpático e positivo! Concordo plenamente que temos que parar para reflectir e reconhecer aquilo que queremos e quem somos. A partir daí tudo se torna mais fácil e aí entra a atitude de "Yes we can"! Agradeço tambem desde já a divulgação do meu site.
      Beijinhos, Ana

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