The Countdown is Over

I have a dream that one day training events will be more than uninspiring presentations, worthless chit chat and stale sandwiches. I have a dream today! That dream has become a reality. Now in its third year, Training Zone Live 2012 proved once again, to be an exceptional event and is quickly establishing itself as one of the most significant events in the diaries of L&D professionals.

An event is only as good as its content and people and this one was a real success with outstanding speakers and brilliant delegates making it both interesting and useful. The unique structure of the day means that delegates can choose the stream that is most relevant to them. A combination of more in-depth and introductory sessions allowed each person to focus on their own needs and tailor their day accordingly.

As professionals in the training world we have high expectations of speakers and presentations. We also have an inherent need to understand how to add value. Speakers not only provided valuable information but gave real examples to illustrate key points and were engaging in their delivery. Here are my gold medal nuggets, one key business rule that I am taking away from the sessions I attended.

– People buy people. Make yourself memorable. (Jennifer Halloway)

– When networking ask yourself specifically why you are doing it and what you want to achieve. (Heather Townsend)

– Focus on the outcome not the problem and become a cause not an effect. (Neil Almond)

– Clarify legitimate expectations and find a balance between push versus pull styles of influence. (Dr Nicola Lincoln

– If you want to continue to be the best in the world train like you’re the second best. (Steve Backley)

Not only was it clear from the discussions and participation going on in the workshops, that people were involved and engaged, the energy was contagious and spread to the Twittershpere where the content posted was invaluable (you can catch up on #TZL12).

As if all this wasn’t enough, I thoroughly enjoy these events from a social standpoint. In most cases delegates can’t wait to get away as soon as possible. The fact that people wanted to stay and interact with other like-minded professionals was a clear testament of success. Of course the excellent food and beverages may have also played a part, not to mention the added energy from the superb pick n mix!

Now back to countdown mode, 63 days to the Olympics and a little more to Training Zone Live 2013. Begin with the end in mind and start planning for the event next year. In the meantime, what will you do differently until then?

Written by Ana Antunes da Silva for TrainingZone Live.

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