Are You Successful?

How you answer this question is based on your interpretation of success. In order to determine whether you are successful or not you need to establish what success means to you. If you don’t know this then how will you know when you have achieved it?

Virtually everybody wants success. This regularly translates to the next big promotion, a bigger house, a better car, the latest high tech gadget, etc. In my humble opinion success is too often equated with wealth and affluence. As the saying goes, success is relative. At several points in life success may be defined differently. Growing up, success could have meant having lots of friends and being popular. I feel that achieving success is a journey and it starts by questioning and examining what is important to you and what you value.

How do you measure success?

Success has many facets to it and is also dependant on the society in which it is being measured as well as the individual who measures it. The bottom line is that everyone measures it differently. I think that it is not about the material things that one has, social status or job title. It is all about achieving what you want the way you want it.

Success to me is a sense of achievement, accomplishing something. In order for this to happen you need to set yourself goals and follow these with actions. They don’t have to be perfect and are likely to change. The key is to start. Start anywhere. We all need goals, objectives in effect a raison d’être. Without a reason to get up every morning we feel empty and disillusioned.

Attaining success is based on standards that you set. Don’t compare yourself to the Joneses. Ultimately it is about being you. You may say that success to you is simply to be happy, but do you know what makes you happy? Many people fall into the trap of saying “I’ll be happy when…” When what exactly? When you get the promotion? When you get married? When you fit into those jeans again? If happiness really is your goal and your key to feeling successful, start being happy today. Not tomorrow. Not next week or next month. Today.

Successful people seem to know what they want and go for it so spend a few minutes thinking about what success means to you. Write it down. No, not after your next coffee break or after you update your Facebook or Twitter page, right now. What do you have to do to get there? Would you like some support?

So what is your definition of success? Ask your friends and family the same question. You’ll be surprised with what comes up! I’m super keen to hear your thoughts.

For some inspiration read the ultimate success poem “What is Success?” by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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