9 Simple Time Saving Tips

Most languages and cultures have a grammatical use for past and future tenses, yesterday and tomorrow. Many brilliant scientific minds such as Galileo, Newton, Einstein and Stephen Hawking have studied time. Fascination with time and time travel has also been the inspiration of innumerable fiction books and films.

So what exactly is time and what is it good for? Einstein stated that time was simply what a clock reads and that the only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once (the clock can be the rotation of a planet, sand falling in an hourglass, etc). So how do you spend your time? I’m very busy seems to be what most people tend to say.

Every day we have countless tasks to perform and take on numerous responsibilities and roles – spouse, sibling, parent, lover, friend, and co-worker, which can be overwhelming. Would you like to feel that you are not constantly running behind schedule and rushing to do everything? If so, here are some simple time saving tips to help manage your day.

9 Time Saving Tips

Driving If you drive to work vary how you spend that time. If you always listen to music try listening to an audio book or a language course. Use it for some quiet time which is ideal for brainstorming. With safety in mind keep your hands on the wheel and consider getting a voice recorder so you keep track of your ideas. Over time you may even end up with enough material for a book.

Public Transport If you take public transport enjoy having someone else do the driving. As well as being good for the environment you can use this time to plan your day, catch up on some reading, writing, creative thinking, meditation (that is of course, if you have enough personal space around) or just to relax.

A Place for Everything How often have you frantically looked for those cars keys, that phone charger or those holiday photos? Taking the time to find a place for everything can avoid those frustrating searches for misplaced items. The saying “a place for everything and everything in its place” is definitely a time saver.

Filing System If you don’t already have one create a simple filing system. Aim to deal with papers just once by making folders for bills, bank statements, insurance and anything else you may need at hand. It may take some time to set up but will be worth it in the long run.

Manage your Email Check your inbox regularly but only answer emails at specific times. This means you can decide which emails to prioritise and respond to first rather than deal with each one as it arrives. The same thing goes for allocating a time to go through your social media accounts.

Shop Online You can buy virtually everything on the internet. Books, toys, cosmetics, furniture, clothes, groceries, holidays are all a few clicks away. Sign up for PayPal which is a safe payment method and it means that you don’t always have to have your credit card at hand. Use well known companies in case you have any queries or complaints.

Plan your Meals Planning your meals ahead of time rids you of the stress and mad rush to prepare last minute dinners. It streamlines your grocery shopping and reduces waste. It also means you can be more creative and increase the variety of your menus.

Write things down Carry a notebook with you. When you think of something you need to do just jot down a reminder. This saves you from fretting trying to remember what you were supposed to do and helps you stay on track and complete your tasks.

High Five Spend 5 minutes a day doing something that you enjoy. It can be anything from playing the piano, to reading, cooking, singing, dancing, gardening, you name it. Eventually increase the 5 minutes to 10, then 15 and so on until you have time in your day to do what you like which will make you more relaxed.

So what would you do if you had more time? What would be different?

It is so easy to just do that we often forget to be…Don’t let your daily chores get in the way of whom you Aim to Be!

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Pool ball images provided by Flickr user Leo Reynolds.

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