What’s your Elevator Pitch?

People say timing is everything. By virtue of sheer luck or by design you will come across that one person who can help you achieve your goal and sell your solution whether it’s a product, service, idea book or yourself....

6 Ways to Start a Dinner Party Conversation

Dinner party conversations can either make or break an evening. Arguably, it is equally (or more) important than the food itself in contributing to the success of the event. So how do you know if you are a good dinner...

Is it important to say ‘Thank you’ at Work?

To thank or not to thank, that is the question. Thank you. Two short and simple words we say several times throughout the day to strangers for the services they provide such as making our sandwich, selling us the paper,...

Seven Deadly Sins at Work

When you start a new job you sign a contract and are expected to follow a certain code of conduct. Most of us will comply to these rules and they include such things as being on work on time, calling in if you are sick,...

Do Fairytales Affect our Percpetion of Reality?

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who lived far far away. Something terrible happened. The handsome prince came to her rescue. They fell in love and got married. They lived happily ever after. The end. Throw...

Time Management

Everyone talks about time management. How can that be though? We all have 24 hours in our day so what are we really managing considering time is constant? So it’s more about how we use the time we have rather than...

How to keep your desk tidy

Do you think it is important to keep a tidy desk? Is there any correlation between creativity, productivity and the mess on your desk? Many will say that a messy desk is a display of originality and a good imagination....

How to Manage a Micro-Manager

Are you being micro-managed at work? Have you ever been? Unfortunately, a vast majority of people have had to endure this type of manager. Bosses can be tough to deal with in general and the micro-managing boss is no...

Do you stand up for yourself?

Do you think you stand up for yourself? What does that actually mean? It is often said that we dictate how others treat us. In psychology terms, this is referred to as Personal Boundaries. If someone is a doormat, they...

What not to say to a single friend

The party season is upon us. With this comes meeting new people or old friends. Usually these conversations will start with standard and harmless chit chat and pleasantries. Then, before you know it, the interrogation...

What Not to Say in an Interview

In general, most people know the basic rules for conducting a good interview such as dress appropriately, be punctual, sit up straight, be confident and focus on your expertise. However, what about what not to say? You...

How to Improve your Self-Image

How do you see yourself? How important is self-image? Self-image is all about how you perceive yourself. It is a combination of impressions, thoughts and feelings collected over time. Your self-image can be different...

Do you need it or want it?

Need and Want – Take a look at these two four letter words. Their dictionary definitions are relatively similar yet they have distinct meanings. In economic terms, a need is generally referred to as something required...

Personal Branding for Life

Our brains make connectionss and links associated to labels and brands. People are no exception (think Jamie Oliver and Julio Iglesias!). We are all judged based on impressions, whether purely on appearance, a conversation...

What is your Personal Brand at Work?

We all have a brand image. What does yours say about you? Put simply, a brand is more than just a name, it is what people associate with a company, organisation, product or person. A personal brand is no different, it...
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